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After relaxing at Bayside Inn Beach and Pool.  You and  your family are ready to explore Key Largo.  Enjoy Eco Tours, Water Park, Swim with the Dolphins, Wild Bird Sanctuary, or even a day snorkeling the beautiful reefs.  Key Largo has what your family is looking for in fun, adventure and more.  

This park features activities for all ages - with a shallow splash pool and pirate ship replica for toddlers, and a deeper swimming pool for older children,. 

Is a marine education and dolphin swim facility located in sunny Key Largo, Florida. Visit us in the Florida Keys and swim with dolphins in our natural lagoon open to the Florida Bay.
Experience this beautiful, oceanfront park - featuring covered picnic areas and a new playground for toddlers. 

At this beautiful sanctuary, you'll have the chance to observe healthy, wild, and beautiful birds, along with minnows, crabs, and gorgeous sunsets.

We are an educational and entertaining marine animal park where performances are up close and personal. At Theater of the Sea you can swim with dolphins, sea lions, and stingrays in their natural salt water lagoons through our interactive programs. 
Take a stroll in the bay in our kayaks and you may encounter a dolphin or manatee Best yet watch the setting sun, which is breathtaking.  Use our cane poles to catch dinner right off our jetties.

People have been known to catch BIG FISH !!
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Dive Key Largo,  famous for its coral reefs and a hot spot for Divers and Snorkeling.  Experience an underwater adventure and become mesmerized with the beauty under the sea.  Snorkeling is a great activity to enjoy with your entire family.  

Florida Bay Outfitter offers daily as well as overnight guided Kayak Tours, Key Largo Kayak Instruction,  and Kayak - Canoe Rentals. 

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Offering offshore and backcountry fishing charters in Key Largo since 1973. Have Captain George Clark, Jr. pick you up right at our dock and enjoy fishing in this exclusive destination!
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Fishing Key Largo Since 1973 

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Key Largo - What To Do During Your Stay

The Draw of the Sea

The scenery and magnificent seascapes of the Florida Keys are a major draw for many tourists, particularly as they are combined with an extremely congenial climate. Stunning beaches and cerulean oceans bake in the sun, and draw people from all over the world to enjoy them. The Keys’ economy is powered largely by the ocean – with ocean-based tourism taking precedence over fishing and other commercial marine activities. Tourists are drawn to the cerulean waters of the Keys, with their abundant wildlife and glorious, panoramic photo opportunities. They are, unsurprisingly, a popular destination for cruise ships due not only to their spectacular beauty, but also to the fact that the Keys are well used to catering for tourists. Places like Key Largo are amply equipped to meet all the needs a tourist could possibly have, and provide their services with smiles and a friendly attitude. After all, the local economy depends upon tourism, meaning that vacationers are treated like the honored and important guests they are.


Due to its spectacular live coral reef and abundance of underwater attractions, Key Largo is famed for its diving opportunities. Dive schools here are excellent, so everyone can have the opportunity to dive or snorkel, even if they’ve never so much as touched a wetsuit before. Places like Grecian Rocks are excellent for beginners, being relatively shallow and easy to dive while nonetheless providing a wealth of fish, sealife, and glorious underwater scenery to excite and entice. It’s not all rocks and coral, though. As well as a live coral reef, Key Largo also has a fascinating artificial reef made from the wreck of the scuttled USS Spiegel Grove, which was sunk in 2002 and now provides many hours of intrigue for eager wreck-divers. She was swiftly colonized by the marine life, which continue to make their homes in her at a promising rate. At 510 feet long and 80 feet wide, it is quite impossible to see all of the wreck/reef in one dive. Indeed, one could probably come back to the Spiegel Grove hundreds of times and still find something new! A similar artificial reef was made in 1987 from the USCGC Duane. Although smaller than the Spiegel Grove, the Duane is interesting for the student of marine life due to the way in which fish, crustaceans, plants, and other flora and fauna have made themselves comfortable in her over the decades. The Duane is a more advanced dive, so it is advisable to undertake this only if you have a high level of experience, and an equally experienced dive buddy. There are several other wrecks which the connoisseur of underwater shipping can enjoy around Key Largo - but do be sure to check the safety ratings of each dive, and not attempt anything beyond your own capacities. Accidents are rare, but they do happen.


Those who would rather catch the fish than simply watch them can undertake fishing trips with Rodeo Charters. This company goes offshore, in the backwaters, over reefs and wrecks and in the open ocean depending upon the preference of the charterer. The opportunities to make some truly stupendous catches are out there, and experienced boat guides will ensure that you do not return empty handed. Alternatively, one can get close to the surface of the seas by renting a kayak and paddling the creeks and coasts. The silence of a kayak’s movement makes it a great way to get close to the seabirds and other wildlife.


People who want a break from water-based activities are also amply catered for. The Florida Keys Wild Bird Center both showcases and educates people about some of the most beautiful and unique birds in the US. Primarily a conservation organization, the Wild Bird Center gives people the opportunity to get close to some of our most endangered avians in their natural habitat. People wanting to spend a relaxing afternoon somewhere beautiful but with plenty of amenities could do worse than to head to the Harry Harris Park Beach. This is a man-made white sand beach with a ball park, picnic benches, and a playground for the kids nearby. Adults can relax on the beach and soak up the sun while the kids can wear themselves out with play within easy sight.

Contributor, Susie Mackenzie
Key Largo, the largest island in the Florida Keys, is a vacation haven. Known as the ‘Dive Capital of the World’, Key Largo naturally has much to offer the undersea enthusiast. However, there is also plenty to do for those who would prefer not to get their hair wet! From wildlife tours to stunning state parks, fishing tours to wildlife sanctuaries, Key Largo has it all. Visitors to the Bayside Inn will certainly not be short of things to do during their stay!